Susan's Battle
Help us stop tobacco sales

On January 16, 2014, Susan Van Pelt died after a brief but intense, courageous battle. She was 58 years old.

She died of lung cancer. Smoking killed her. She had not smoked for 23 years. And as shocking as it was, it would appear that her passing was unavoidable.

At a young age, Susan, like many other people of her generation, bought into the marketing of the day and gave smoking a try. And became addicted.

But 23 years ago, she made up her mind to beat that addiction, because by then, she knew what no one told her at 17: smoking kills.

From there, Susan did all the right things to ensure good health - healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle over all - and after 23 years free of smoking, was shocked to learn that she had sudden and aggressive terminal lung cancer. She died 7 weeks after her initial diagnosis.

She will not die in vain. Susan's family is determined to save others from Susan's fate - by finding a way to severely restrict, then stop, the sale of tobacco in Canada.

Tobacco kills. It is the only product our governments allow for sale that kill people even when consumed in moderation.

Our "Battle Plan" tab sets out our vision and lays out our themes of Never Start, Quit Now and Get Checked. Our "Recommended Tactics" tab contains a summary of our recommended tactics to get to a smoke-free society. Our "Supporting Evidence" tab sets out a summary of our research in support of the recommendations.

Susan lost her personal battle with cancer. We will not lose our battle for Susan.

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Susan  Van Pelt